About me

I have been working in Admin category for more than 4 years. Have over 1000 hours and 70+ job experience in Upwork. I have deep knowledge on Any Kind Of Admin Category Work. My core skills involve:

  • Extensive knowledge of Data Entry, Data Scraping,Database Scraping
  • Highly experienced with Web Research,Email Scraping, Craigslist.
  • ¬†Huge experience of creating quality Business listings, Database creation/ build
  • ¬†Great ability to create mailing list development.
  • ZOHO CRM, Email handling, VA LinkedIn, Facebook ,Twitter
  • Price research, Real Estate data Research
  • Keywords and Market research.

Overall, I am a problem solver for any kind of Admin Support work.I have a strong work ethic and an even stronger desire to succeed and be recognized for my success. If I get the opportunity, I would prove to be an asset for your company. I am looking forward to working with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Niladri Bhattacharjee